Friday, March 20, 2009

Today's APOD: the Πortara

To celebrate the vernal equinox, APOD has a picture of the Portara--the entrance of the ancient Temple of Apollo on the island of Naxos--take at sunset during last June's summer solstice. However, when I look at the picture, I see an image which would have been very appropriate only four days ago(Pi Day). That's right, I see the silhuette of a Capital letter pi against a setting circle. I'm such a geek!


Radar's Mom said...

Agreed... you are a geek!

NiteSkyGirl said...

geeks are great! geeks see the world in an interesting way some people are not lucky to experience.
There is a term called ' geeked out ' meaning for example .. you got geeked out how the photo looks like pi to you.

people who are geeked out enjoy life in a happy way

being a geek is a fun thing ;)

The Science Pundit said...

Thanks NSG! I most definitely geeked out. :-)