Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guerrilla Cinema

I've been a fan of guerrilla theatre for quite a while now. The very idea of an acting troupe showing up unexpected (and often uninvited) to a public location to do a surprise performance for their unsuspecting audience is both clever and intriguing. Seeing a performance live is even better. After the initial surprise, it's lots of fun and turns into something you'll remember.

However, up until I saw the clip below, I had never heard of it being done for cinema. The trailer below is absolutely brilliant! The plot seems mundane and ordinary enough, but it's not really the plot that makes it so great. I have to wonder how long they were able to record each scene before getting kicked out (or did they?). I would imagine that they probably rehearsed the scenes to death, then went on location and tried to shoot each scene in a single take (unless something went wrong--like getting kicked out). Obviously the bed scene was done in multiple takes since they're in different beds with practically every change in camera angle. I don't know whether that was intentional or the result of being constantly chased out by management, but either way: Bravo!

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