Sunday, August 27, 2006

Katrina remembered

This Monday, August 28th is the 1 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. Since our President has warned us against placing too much importance on this, I thought I would join Shakespeare's Sister (via Coturnix) in blogging on this date.

For starters, let's review the entire 2005 Atlantic hurricane season.

My view a year later is:

Besides the above video, I am also including footage shot by my sister when the eye passed over Hollywood, FLA. This was back when Katrina was still a cat. 1 storm--before it morphed into the mass killer it would eventually become. I realize that the idea of the blogswarm is to remember the tragedy in New Orleans, but what can I really add that all the other blogswarmers won't have already said? My sister's video is definitely original. Enjoy!

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