Thursday, January 25, 2007

Very excited pug

When I was young, I learned that dogs recognize each other by smell. My observations seemed to confirm this. Social animals need to recognize each other. Humans have evolved unique faces and the ability to visually distinguish them. We are primarily visual animals. Dogs come in all colors, shapes and sizes. But they were bred that way by an animal that likes to visually differentiate things; wild dogs (wolves) don't have anywhere near the diversity of our best friends. Can they tell each other apart with purely visual cues? I don't know.

They can certainly recognize their own species on sight (and sound), but can they only do this in persona? In other words, can they recognize their own type in a photograph or television image? I don't know about the photograph, but as for the television...

Okay, so this whole post was just an excuse to put up that pug video I found.

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