Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Pete, Thank YOU!

I just got my thank you letter from Pete Stark. He's the conressman who recently revealed that he didn't believe in God, making him the highest ranking openly non-theist politician in the United States.

It almost makes me want to live in his district. If you'd like to donate to his re-election campaign, click here.

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John said...

Old Congressman Pete Stark…of 35 years plus in Congress is not only an atheist, but he is just an 'old fart' so to speak who wants to piss off the world. He rants and raves at his constituents and is not a nice guy…he's not a "poster child" that any organization would want to represent them…atheists or otherwise. Check out where he denigrated a constituent who just returned from an overseas deployment to Kosovo…the soldier wrote his congressman (Pete Stark) and got this angry insulting voicemail back. (See the link to the Fox News video below).