Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hash House Harrier Run

Today I will be partaking in my first Hash House Harriers run. I've heard good things about these runs. For one, one need not be super fit to do it.

In most groups, all are welcome, young and old, fast or slow, so don't wait to get in shape, just come on out and join us.

Okay, I can do that. My biggesst worry is if I'll be able to follow all the rules. It seems this particular HHH group has strict rules which are enforced by the Religious Advisor. The penalty for violating a rule is to drink beer. I'm told that everyone violates the rules--I don't know if I can handle that.

To show how serious this all is, I will do the run dressed a a vicar. It should be fun.


The run has been completed and I must say that I have found "my people." As you can see, the entire family got into the spirit of the run.

I should mention that my dad (wearing a pretty lame vicar's costume) is not wearing the tasteful tie my sister offered him as a gift. In fact, he resoundly refused it and so Stefan is wearing it in the picture.

When I asked him "Father, why do you not wear the beautiful tie your eldest daughter has so graciously furnished you with?"

He replied "Since my absolute disdain for the lie that is the Christian mythology is quite well known among my acquaintances, to be seen wearing that tie in public would be tantamount to wiping my ass with the tie, then using it to mop up cat vomit, before micturating all over it. I'm not quite ready to make that statement, but perhaps in the next couple of months I might consider doing to that tie what this fellow did to the Bible." (WARNING: potentially offensive video at previous link!)

That is what you said, Dad. Isn't it?

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