Monday, February 19, 2007

I can kick him now that he's "cured"

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this video on YouTube which I found hilarious. It's a satire of the Richard Dawkins interview of Ted Haggard in The Root of all Evil? If you've never seen the original, click on this link before going further.

What this guy did was to take some footage from The Root of all Evil? and substitute himself for Pastor Ted. This was pure genius. His facial expressions captured Haggard perfectly. The funny thing is ... that he didn't change that much from the original. An added sheep-call, a fake moustache, a book and a Village Person just help highlight all that actually was said in the original. After watching the spoof, I had to go back and watch the original to see if some of the more outlandish things were made-up or real. Were the crowds chanting "Obedience?" Were they doing the Roman salute? Yes, they were!

Pure genius! Enjoy!

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