Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday Madness 2/3/07: Rael blasphemes!

I know this is the wrong day of the week for this, but I couldn't resist. It seems that Mr. Rael is an ardent atheist and a strong supporter of atheist causes. That's right, Rael the cult leader is against religion. He's all about science. After all, he did clone a human. He even has his own theory of origins which is superior to evolution. Wow!

Anyway, it turns out he has taken the blasphemy challenge. His video is a strange eclectic mix of delusional rantings and heavy sales pitches for his cult and it's associate websites (Warning: Don't watch it if self-serving lunatics make your stomach turn). I tried to leave a comment asking about how the young clone is doing, but Rael is monitoring comments. "Your comment will be posted as soon as it is approved." What do you think are the odds that my comment will ever show up?

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